This page is dedicated to the Officers who commissioned through our program. First, we have a list of those Lieutenants who commissioned by class year and the branches into which these individuals placed. Afterwards, we have a running list of those who attained the "Superior Cadet Award" and those who graduated Airborne or Air Assault School. If you would like to update our alumni list--with information such as achievements after commissioning and rank at retirement--then please e-mail us at:

Superior Cadet Award

Michelle M. Allen
Cainaz Vakharia
Ernest Baker
Eve E. Gibson
Sean G. Kirschner
Michael W. Schager
Derrick Spears
David G. Williams

Joseph J. Novack, III
John P. Manuel
Connie L. Green
Damar Roscoe
Sean G. Kirschner
Michael W. Schager

Garrick Graebe
Karen Riddle
Desha Egans
James Sheesley
Cainaz Vakharia
Michelle Allen

Tara Bailey
Felicie Wyatt
Daniel Holland
Karen Riddle
James Sheesley
Michelle Curry
Brian Adams
Michelle Allen

Atul Phull
Kemeka Carter
Amy M. Yates
Felicie Wyatt
Garrick B. Graebe
Chevelle Thomas

Robyn Smalline
Shannon Prokasy
Lee Bokma
Robert McWard

Zacharius Lott
Robyn Smalline
Kimberly Zweber
Amy M. Yates

Chris Morrison
Jessica Gladney
Robyn Smalline
Kim Zweber

Katie Mills
Chris Kliewer
Pete Benninger
Lorinda Bankhead
Jessica Gladney
Joel Springer
Robyn Smalline
Greg Hadsell

Kevin Jones
Chris Kliewer
Peter Benninger
Jessica Gladney

Sherri Jones
Matthew Tavares
Kristie Wavers
Charles Disston
Charlotte Evans
Brett Ikeda
Kristin Kaelke
Peter Benninger

Kenesha Pace
Larry Shuler
Matthew Tavares
Valerie Rarick
Brock Bosson
Demere Kasper
Michael Gourgues
Elisabeth Hurley

Margaret Clayton
Kristoffer Chamales
Katherine Ireland
Mark Dorsey

Jay Lewis
Kristoffer Chamales

Nicola Carlson
Nicolas Zima
Margaret Clayton

Parker Carignan
Nicola Carlson
Nicholas Zima
Margaret Clayton

Devlin Clement
Parker Carignan
Nicola Carlson
Nicholas Zima

Nicholas Newsome
Devlin Clement
Parker Carignan
Nicola Carlson

Alexander Galkowski
David Barenholtz
William Fleischer
Emily Goorsley

Joseph Fetty
Robert Mackay
Perry Meyers
Devlin Clement

Copeland Whitney
Julian Baker
Marta Bjorn
Perry Meyers

Monica Schwingshakl
Coperland Whitney
Julian Baker
Jenna Andry

Bernadette Binning
Raymond Spires
Kelley Kemp
Lillian Andry

Airborne Graduates

Edward Riehle Class 28-84
Ramona Pustelnikas Class 29-84
Stafford Maheu Class 38-84
Alfred Tennant Class 30-84
Michael Hayman Class 9-85
Timothy J. Cody Class 29-85
John D. Macnamara Class 29-85
Michael Perez Class 36-85
Milton C. Shattuck Class 40-86
William W. Ward Class 34-87
Daniel A. Keller Class 42-87
D. Andrew Leinberger Class 42-87
Edmund C. Verault Class 43-87
John G. Fasick, III Class 33-88
Randall L. Underwood Class 36-88
David M. Molaison Class 42-88
John S. Hoenshelt Class 36-88
Mark T. Robinson Class 42-88
Clay J. Latiolais Class 38-89
David G. Williams Class 37-89
Mufu K. Taiwo Class 37-89
Richard G. Carruthers, III Class 35-89
David A. Pouchot, Jr. Class 39-89
Timothy Page Class 39-89
David C. Moore Class 39-89
Christopher T. Lovato Class 31-90
Sean G. Kirschner Class 33-90
David M. Edgington Class 33-90
Michael W. Schager Class 36-90
Al Hayes Class 35-90
Eve E. Gibson Class 37-90
Jeffery M. Daigle Class 37-90
Daniel J. Jewel Class 37-90
Lars Ostervold Class 91-31
Rick Stubblefield Class 91-32
Cainaz Vakharia Class 91-33
Paul Gannon Class 91-35
Lee Smith Class 91-36
Matt Headrick Class 91-41
Chris Baker Class 91-42
John P. Manuel Class 92-29
Mark H. Hildreth Class 92-29
Kevin T. Schnepp Class 92-29
Bethany C. Aragon Class 92-30
Roderick Alvendia Class 92-31

Todd C. Cox Class 92-32
John Crisafulli Class 92-33
Christopher J. Clay Class 92-33
Benjamin T. Dimaggio Class 92-34
Garrick B. Greabe Class 93-28
Robert E. McWard Class 93-28
William S. McCormick Class 93-29
Daniel A. Holland Class 93-31
James M. Buckley Class 93-32
Shawn M. Davis Class 93-32
Karl J. Brueckner Class 93-33
Matthew G. Hudkins Class 93-35
Carlos Minor Class 93-38
Seth D. Krummrich Class 93-40
Andreas Hatch Class 28-01
Matthew Tavares Class 32-02
James Tipple Class 34-02
Valerie Manuel Class 39-02
Bradley Allbritten Class 40-02
Mark Dorsey Class 30-03
Kristoffer Chamales Class 31-05
Robert Prescott Class 39-05
Charles Howard Class 40-06
Matthew Brady Class 39-07
John Kerr Class 40-07
Melissa Cramer Class 41-07
Dewey Thoms Class 30-08
Nicola Carlson Class 33-08
Christopher Lozano Class 33-08
Nicholas Zima Class 34-08
Zachary Sarandos Class 41-08
Christopher Bournes Class 27-09
Maria Perez Class 28-09
Parker Carignan Class 30-09
Patrick Harvey Class 33-09
Vytas Kapacinskas Class 37-09
Robert Wilson III Class 37-09
Thomas Santos Class 29-10
Clovis Vaughn Class 27-11
Nicholas Newsome Class 25-11
David Barenholtz Class 29-12
Joseph Fetty Class 30-13
Howard R. Marcotte III Class 28-96
Michael Leiva Class 26-99
Julian J. Baker Class 31-14
Copeland Whitney Class 25-15
Carter Post Class 25-16
Ben Schulte 04-90

Air Assault

D.L. Daigle Class 46-80
R.J. Feigler Class 13-82
P.S. Donald Class 51-83
R.J. Bergeron Class 51-83
Edwardo Fuentes Class 4-84
Eric Rodehorst Class 4-84
Michael D. Weber Class 11-88
Kerman Martin Class 51-89
Kerry K. Gould Class 50-90
John S. Hohenshelt Class 90-10
Jeffery M. Ricker Class 90-10
Michael Thompson Class 91-10
Brian Adams Class 91-13
Ronnie Seaton Class 93-12R
Michael Mundle Class 93-14S
Peter Benninger Class 47-99
Christopher Kliewer Class 46-00
Matthew Tavares Class 22-02
Andrew Oracz Class 34-05
Johnathan Pechon Class 11-08

Christopher Bournes Class 01-10
Vytas Kapacinskas Class 01-10
Brandon Cambre Class 03-10
Parker Carignan Class 01-10
Zachary Sarandos Class 701-11
Nicholas Newsome Class 303-12
Alexander Galkowski Class 12-1
Marta Bjorn Class 203-13
Copeland W. Whitney 103-14 J
oseph Fetty Class 301-15
Taylor Stauffer Class 005-16
Raymond Spires Class 36-16


Ben Schulte 12-89