State Scholarships

Ranger Challenge

Our program selects qualified Cadets to become reserve officers, the depth of today's Army.

There are many paths to becoming a officer in the Army National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve. Programs such as the GRFD and SMP Scholarships allow eligible Cadets to go through school while getting paid. In some circumstances, these Cadets can get full scholarships and receive the same room, board, and stipend as their Active Duty equivalents. Our Cadets who pursue the reserve route, however, additionally qualify to attend monthly drills and receive E-5 pay ($309) while attending school; therefore, these Cadets can earn anywhere between $600 and $1000 every month they are in school. Our reserve Cadets have gone on to pursue careers in Chemical Engineering, Medicine, and Finance. These individuals are given the unique opportunity to develop a key skill--whether involving Information Technology, Medical Care, or Military Intelligence-- which can then be applied to the civilian world. 

Unlike their peers, Cadets who pursue reserve scholarships and contracts are additionally put in touch with a wide network of individuals to find employment opportunities. A strong reserve army requires Officers that are financially secure and resources have been put aside to make sure these select Cadets are placed in the right opportunities. Additionally, special reserve programs exist for in-state graduate institutions. Law school, Veterinary School, Dental School, Nurse Practitioner's programs and many more professional education routes can be pursued as a reserve Officer. 

No one should become a Reserve Officer for the financial incentives or networking opportunities alone. Ultimately, our program is committed to producing Officers who will be able to defend this nation when it is in need. Nevertheless, for those interested in serving, the options are endless. The greatest opportunity, though, is being able to work for our nation and Soldiers when they are most in need.